European Residency by Investment

All you need to know about the Greek Golden Visa Program

European Golden Visa – Residence Visa with Added Benefits – Why choose the Greek Golden Visa

Several European countries offer the opportunity to Third Country Nationals to STAY LEGALLY in a European country and TRAVEL FREELY throughout Europe /Schengen Zone (26 countries). via property purchase of certain cost and higher.

Greek Golden Visa – Why choose it over other European Visas?

Greece is among the European countries that offer this kind of Visa (Golden Visa), in the lowest property price required, making the Greek Golden Visa one of the most competitive European Golden Visas.
Furthermore, Greek Golden Visa is included in the top 10 most popular passports in the world (8th in rank), allowing free movement in 26 countries and easy movement in 183 countries worldwide!

Eligibility: Who can get it?

Any third-country national (non-EU citizen) can get the Greek Golden Visa.

What is the property price term for the Greek Golden Visa?

To get the Greek Golden Visa you only have to pay for a property > 250,000 €

Besides property, what else can I invest in to get the Greek Golden Visa;

Besides property, you can buy a plot to build a building > 250,000 € (for both)

Timespan: How long does the Greek Golden Visa last?

It last for as long as you keep the property you have bought; you only need to renew it every 5 years.

Greek Citizenship: Can I get it via Golden Visa?

Yes, after 7 years of having Greek Golden Visa, you can apply for the Greek Citizenship.

Application: Is residence permit only for me or does it also stands for my family as well?

The Greek Golden Visa grants residence permit for both the purchaser and their family members.

Which family members are also benefited by the Greek Golden Visa?

Family members that also get the residence permit via the Greek Golden Visa include: children under 21 years of age, parents, spouse or partner with a cohabitation agreement.

There is an abundance of choice when you are interested in investing in Greece for a Golden Visa. Whether you are investing in residential or commercial real estate, you can buy your property either as an individual or jointly with other investors, or alternatively as a legal entity (owning 100% of the company shares).

Types of properties eligible for a Golden Visa application are incredibly varied, ranging from apartments, detached houses, villas and entire buildings, to shops, offices, hotels and even plots of land.



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